BUC22 Concert Ukulele - Spruce/Mahogany

BUC22 Concert Ukulele - Spruce/Mahogany

Bestellnummer: GN764425
 EAN: 3831120908764
VerlagsartikelNr..: BBBUC22SPMH
Verlag: BumbleBee Ukuleles

€ 42,99

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Bumblebee Ukulelen

Designed to offer excellent quality at an affordable price, the Bumblebee
range offers great build-quality, sound projection and playability.
This model is available in either Soprano or Concert size. The classic
Sprucetop, Mahogany back and sides finish is not something you'd expect to
see at this price point which one reason these ukuleles are such good value
for money.
Scale - Concert
Top - Spruce
Back & Sides - Mahogany
Bridge - Kuku
Neck - Mahogany
Fretboard - Kuku
Position Markers - 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th and 154h frets
Premium Features - Engraved soundhole design and headstock logo, black tuning

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