Arjen OosterhoutReal Time Drums vol.1 (+CD)

for drums (en)

Oosterhout, Arjen

Real Time Drums vol.1 (+CD)

for drums (en)

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Basic Method for Drumset Level 1

In Real Time Drums - Basic Method for Drumset (Level 1), composer Arjen
Oosterhout puts his many yearsof experience as a teacher and musician to good
use. The nine chapters in this method give beginner drummers all the
necessary tools to begin playing popular music, including essential
information such as notation and the important aspects of different styles
and techniques. The student will also find background information, rehearsal
suggestions, guidelines for variations and fills and the encouragement to
improvise. As each chapter is a complete entity the different styles such as
rock, shuffle, jazz or latin can be studied and practised individually.The
CDincluded with the method presents all the exercises twice - once to listen
to and once to play along with, so the student can put everything they have
learned into practice immediately.

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